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We believe it is very important to protect your home with the best materials available. That is why we install single ply membrane on all new roofs to ensure a strong material that keeps heat and energy where you need it. What are some other benefits the single ply membrane has to offer?

- Minimal loss of heat through the roof

- Maximises design freedom

- Effective control of air leakage to ensure energy efficiency

- Easy repair and refurbishment

- Interfaces well with other construction elements such as existing walls

- Various colour options with matching profiles for eaves, verges and parapets

Whether we're fitting new roofs or repairing your existing one, we use a single ply membrane to ensure a quality finish. These are strong, versatile membranes that are hot-air welded at joints to form continuous waterproofing.

We Always Use Single Ply Membrane

What are the Benefits of a Single Ply Membrane?

Save energy and make your roof even stronger with a single ply membrane.

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